Office centre in Cracow


Cracow is usually not associated with mining considerations. However, there are places where they became extremely important in the design. It is a challenge to construct a modern, functional office building over an underground reservoir of high-pressure sulphurous water.

Storage building with service and office facilities for an IT company

Office unit

The progress in the IT sector is so fast that the standard construction process is not able to keep pace with it. Technical novelties suggested during the design stage were replaced with new solutions during the construction. Without a constant operating supervision it is not possible to keep up-to-date, especially if the premise is loaded with modern teletechnical systems.

Logistic centre for a transport company (Modlnica)


The vicinity of the Cracow ring road is a natural zone for storage units – especially when the client is a transport company. We worked on it keeping in mind that the dominating storage function should not exclude the opportunity to create interesting architecture.

Residential unit in Cracow (Rybitwy)


Designing a residential complex for 3500 inhabitants becomes somehow a more urbanistic than architectural task – that many people can live in a small town.  Despite that it is possible to find a way for each of over 1100 apartments to be functional, well-lit and attractive.

Expansion of a storage building in Cracow


Storage construction sector aims at standardisation of objects, however, it is impossible to have two identical buildings. Sometimes it is an underground stream under the warehouse hall that has an important impact. Sometimes 6-meters long rolls of fabrics that must be freely manipulated within the warehouse require a design of 2000 square meters without a single pillar within the hall.