We have founded AKAGI ARCHITEKCI with a belief that a combination of experience gained over the years with various interests and skills will allow us to build an architectural design office always able to meet investors’ expectations. Inventiveness and creativity, necessary expertise and experience, as well as knowledge of administrative procedures and legal constraints, allow us to implement any concept in the best possible way.

Each project is different, each has many possible solutions and capabilities, and our work makes all the elements of this complex puzzle to integrate with each other and form a big picture: Client’s expectations and needs, function and form, sound budget, legal constraints, technical requirements and capabilities.

With this principle in view, we design and create. With this principle in view, we built a team of experienced designers, who help us to implement our clients’ ideas. With this principle in view, we have designed a few dozens of structures with different functions: residential, service, office and storage, for several investors, private as well as institutional ones.

Paweł Gieroń, Łukasz Komornicki